Technocrat Anshul provides full architecture services in Chandigarh that offer consumers the ability to meet their unique requests for a dynamic team. Our smart architecture and top construction  building facility, which is 360 degrees in size, guarantees consistency from all design stages to a high-quality finish.

The company has expanded from strength to strength with over 8 years of experience in interior modular design, delivering diverse projects for a vast range of residential and international companies with revolutionary architectural services for offices in Chandigarh, retail stores, hospitals, and food & beverage concepts. We improve all our ventures with state-of-the-art technology and top features from internationally renowned brands.

Best Architect in Chandigarh & leading Building Designers with Top Ratings 

Technocrat Anshul is a technically advanced and passionate interior designer and architect in Chandigarh who has good creative design, preparation, and implementation skills with the ability to integrate ideas that shape high-end design solutions. With 8 years' vast experience and active management of large teams and the provision of modern interior design facilities, he has helped set up Offshore Distribution Centres, a Center for Excellence for NRI consumers,

Chandigarh professional architects provide building designers with extra services

From a straightforward brief to the strange and fantastic, our global architect & design team produces 'out of the box' designs. Multicultural product concepts guarantee adaptability to all customer demands within our workshop.

·Marketing Team and Project Team

Our project team brings model concepts to life, led by the accredited Project Management Professional (PMP). Our team is in charge of, directs, and administers our in-house team and subcontractors from the complete mechanical, electric, plumbing, civil work, customized carpets, and furnishings installations, to ensure that the solution is fully manufactured. The architecture services in Chandigarh keep everything in mind when it comes to project marketing and make it  the best property for sale in Chandigarh 

In House Resources & Production at Architecture services in Chandigarh

Our project team gives life to model concepts headed by the certified project manager (PMP). The entire mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil work, custom-designed tapsters, and furnishing facilities are managed, directed, and administered by our team and sub contributors to ensure the solution is completely developed. We have a team of professional architects in Chandigarh, project managers, interior designers, 3D Visualizers, and Client Managers with a team of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and masons. We offer a wide range of products.

Comprehensive Materials Finishing- Best Service By Architects in Chandigarh

The choice of the right one means the difference between a simple and trendy look. We still provide a broad range of finishes in addition to a wide selection of materials. We know the latest pattern and want to stay up to date with changes. The architects in Chandigarh trade with high glasses, laminates, CNC designs, acrylic, glaciers, glass fabrics, granites, PVC ceilings, pole handles, pull-out knobs, artificial grass, tiles, tiles, scale, vertical gardening, and many more. And from time to time the list continues to grow. The architects in Chandigarh use quality fabrics and devices and recommend them.

How architects in Chandigarh carry out the process?

  1. Customer meeting and information collection
  2. Site visit and concept design
  3. Visualization of design to the clients
  4. Quotation and Agreement
  5. Project implementation in the agreed timeframe
  6. Work Completion and handover

Why Choose Us? As the Best Architect in Chandigarh

1. Services

We carry out small and medium-sized, big and very large residential and industrial schemes, all of which include the same degree of engagement and treatment. From beginning to finish, our turnkey service covers every part of a project. Technocrat Anshul Home is a one-stop real estate destination that offers a complete range of luxury affordable homes, modern houses, and houses for sale in Chandigarh, mohalipanchkuladera bassi

2. Quality

The architects in Chandigarh aim with design technologies, competent delivery, and flexible facilities to define expectations.

3. One Stop

For each residential or commercial architect's service in Chandigarh needs, Technocrat Anshul is a one-stop-shop. For planning, project oversight, and delivery, we are a full interior design solution provider

4. High Skilled Design, Quality, And Finishing

Technocrat Anshul's careful design style and sharp attention to accuracy, consistency, and finish are well known. Our rooms are well-planned, beautiful, and finished.

5. Experience of architects in Chandigarh

Technocrat Anshul is well-equipped to manage an extensive range of projects with over a decade of expertise in residential and business interior design and contracting.

6. Timely Delivery

Technocrat Anshul honestly appreciates your precious time's priceless value. Since Technocrat Anshul is a key player, any procedure between design and performance is monitored quickly.

7. In House Production

A pillar of a project succeeding is a completely internal operating environment. The architects in Chandigarh have two plants and supplies with essential machinery in-store and can operate multiple without any external dependence under negotiated deadlines.

8. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Technocrat Anshul believes in good and long-term relationships. Our fast, comfortable and productive customer service meets your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I do before I talk to an architect in Chandigarh?

A. Develop your brief design. Which specifications do you have? What are your looks and feelings? At an introductory meeting and as a formal brief in our fee plan, we will help you understand this in detail and will form the foundation for our concept.

Q. How much will my project cost?

A. The cost for building per square meter can vary greatly, based on the site access and topography, the degree of finish and detail, the project size, the construction market, or changes. the construction costs will be significantly different. Since we are not building costs specialists, we choose a consultant or contractor to study the plan and provide guidance on the possible expense after our concept design. The brief and budget should be examined to guarantee the management of priorities.

Q. How long does the process take?

A. All of this will focus on the brief and scale, permissions and methods employed. Generally, calibrated drawings from a site, complete a concept design can take 2-3 months to create. Application for design and development (DA). Based on the extent of the project and the involvement of the consultant, detailed specifications and tender documents differ. At the outset of any project, we create a package to ensure requirements during the planning process are maintained.


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